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Mobile games have become a direct competitor of PC and console games, and bigger companies have consequently acted, developing and even porting their main franchises to this platform. In this case, it is the turn of one of the most popular action games of recent years, Call of Duty. This brand new Call of Duty Heroes is the adaptation of the first-person shooter title to a building strategy game in which you will have to manage your resources and create powerful elite forces. This app is available as a free download for Windows 8 devices, with an iOS and Android version to follow.

In this game, the popular characters of the Modern Warfare franchise such as the SAS soldier Soap MacTavish, John Price or Mike Harper are back on the scene of this Activision franchise. Take control over your military base unleashing turrets and powerful attacks against those rivalling your position with all your might and army.

The visual 3D aspect of the game exceeds similar competitors' offerings with designs brought from the previous Call of Duty titles

Graphically the game is really good and looks smooth on iPhone 5 and similar devices. In general terms, the visual 3D aspect of the game exceeds similar competitors' offerings with designs brought from the previous Call of Duty titles. In this aspect, Call of Duty Heroes can be stated as of the best-developed titles of its genre for mobile platforms.

Build your base with the latest structures
Build your base with the latest structures


Although it carries the name of the main franchise, this Call of Duty Heroes has nothing to do with the FPS genre. In this strategy game, you will have to manage your resources of oil, gold and diamonds. These resources will enable you to build new constructions, defensive structures and train new troops.

This free-to-play mobile Call of Duty title includes killstreaks with game-changing benefits. You can upgrade all your units like the Dragonfires, CLAWs and Juggernauts in order to form a powerful army. However, having your offensive troops ready is not the only part in which you must be concerned, defensive structures such as mines, turrets, guardians, sentry guns or howitzers will defend your base against the attacks of your enemies.

There are several game modes even though the main mode is the single player campaign. It is available in the survival mode in which you can test your resistance against several attacks, or the online PVP multiplayer mode to create clans. In this last mode, you can ally with your friends in order to form powerful alliances or clans, just like other mobile strategy titles to download.

Killstreak advantage!
Killstreak advantage!

Call of Duty Heroes 1.1.1 Features

Discover all the features of this Call of Duty app for mobile devices:

  • Take control over your favorite heroes from the Call of Duty franchise such as John Price, Soap MacTavish, and Yuri
  • Build your military base with different resources that you can obtain through missions
  • Unleash great killstreaks and gain awesome advantages for destroying the enemy base
  • Play the campaign, online PVP and survival mode, fulfill different objectives and form clans with your friends
  • Defend your base with powerful structures such as SAM turrets, mines, sentry guns and more to create
  • Train new troops like Dragonfires, Juggernauts and elite forces for creating a powerful army

For getting all the information about this mobile app, visit the official game website .

System Requirements

Find in this section the minimum resources for downloading and installing Call of Duty Heroes:

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1, iOS 6.0 (iPhone 4S, iPad) or later
  • Size: 92.7MB free space
  • Online connectivity may be required