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Soccer Spirits 1.16.2

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Combining fantasy fiction with football and role playing cards may seem really weird from the start, but some times it actually works. Soccer Spirits takes classical elements of CCG (Collectible Card Games) and the passion of football making a unique mobile game. This app is available as a free download for Android and iOS alike.

You start the game by choosing one character from the list. Each one of them have unique characteristics, and you will need them in order to defeat the upcoming chaos. The world is apparently ruled by a secret football league called the Galaxy League. This competition is played by the Peacemakers, those you need to defeat in order to recover the right order.

This competition is played by the Peacemakers, those you need to defeat in order to recover the right order.

Most part of the game app elapses in menus, adapting your cards to your game style, and in conversations with other teammates that introduce you to the immersive plot of the game. When it comes to the action, the game changes the view to the football yard, showing the cards in the position for you to decide as if it were an actual football match.

Play the different game modes
Play the different game modes


As with any RPG, what makes the difference aside from the battle strategy is having the toughest players on your side. In this case you will have to recruit your players using the different resources. The different players can be got playing in the different competitions such as the Colosseum of Despair or the Galaxy Super League. You have to put your team players in the field according to the position they are meant to play in real-time using their abilities, while you use the manager type cards for including a trainer, a scout or a sponsor for improving your team.

As long as you progress in Soccer Spirits you will get new content and power-up elements for making your players stronger. Additionally, you can use the gold you earn during the different dynamic battles to training and strengthen the abilities of your colleagues. Playing with your colleagues will make them level up according to the experience they obtain. This way you can even get legendary fantasy cards and mix them with spirits for increasing their powers.

Ready for the battle
Ready for the battle

Soccer Spirits 1.16.2 Features

Discover the main features for Soccer Spirits developed for mobile devices:

  • Combination of fantasy, football and RPG card app games into a single new genre
  • Simple graphics for optimizing its performance on every smartphone
  • Dynamic sound effects including voices of 30 different actors
  • Different game modes such as the Colosseum of Despair and the epic Space War in the Galaxy League
  • Immersive card gameplay with assembling powerful teams to challenge different squad combinations
  • Enjoy the multiplayer arena game mode against the toughest opponents online
  • Collect different spirits for enforcing your available characters and manage your scouts, managers or coaches for additional abilities

In case you want to know more about the features of Soccer Spirits before the download, visit the following developer’s website .

System Requirements

These are the minimum resources for downloading and installing Soccer Spirits:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3, iOS 4.3 or later
  • Size: 31MB free space on the device for Android, 96.6MB free space for iOS