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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team 1.1.2

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By Kevin Kimaita

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015


This is a football game but now this version for fifa is a mobile application and here you just play the fifa just like the computer and this is a good message for all the people who go to the cyber café so as to play fifa and now you can just play fifa on your mobile phone without much struggle. What I liked about this game is that there are some virtual controls that will appear on the mobile phone screen for example to shoot or to pass the ball there are places on the screen that you have to tap.You can also choose your own team that you want to play with by choosing them and also you can choose the team manager how amazing is this.


The following are the features for fifa 15 ultimate team 1.1.2

You can choose your team

You can also choose your players


Have fifa on your phone how amazing is this.


  • The game seems more realistic
  • The graphics are very stunning


  • the game is very addictive



FIFA 15 ULTIMATE TEAM 1.1.2 it is a mobile game based on football

By Finch-McAce Hans

On Thursday, November 19, 2015

It is a mobile game based on the football. The mission of the player is having full control of the players while they are on the field. This game provides controls which appear on the screen and this enables you to have total control over your players.

As a player of the game you acquire so many things, for example the skills of managing a football team. This game also amazes most players as you get to feel good getting world stars players playing under your control.

This game also enables you to modify the strategies on the game. I felt good playing the game as i could build my own personal team of the players i wanted to play and a team of my own choice


In this game you have full control over the team you make

You have the capability of modification

You build your tem from scratch to the manager of the team and even the players


Good graphics it is fun to play


  • as a player you have full control
  • it is fun to play


  • It is very addictive especially if you are a football fun




By Shikoh Kariuki

On Monday, January 12, 2015

Fifa 15 is nowadays available on mobile devices and you can play football on your device everywhere you are.It supports platforms like android,IOS,PC and windows phone.Being the latest version released on September 2014 it has really received many downloads as of now.Football being known as an interesting and intense game to play is now also supported as a play station game to play.

It is really a realistic game to play since you use real players to play with like iniesta,Ronaldo and Messi and you feel as if you're in the football pitch.You can easily trade players by either selling or buying them.For football fun it is really good and competitve and challenging to play since you will use teams like baclays preimier league,La and bundesliga.From all this you select a manager who controls the teamand its arangement.It also has several known famous stadiums for playing football that you can play with. Fifa 15 graphics have really been improved on smartphones and they work very well.It also supportsplaystation4,playstation 3,playstation vita,Xbox,Xbox 360,microsoft windows and wii.

Playing Fifa 15 is quite interesting and the best thing is that it has been licenced by premier league to be played on devices.


  • It is licenced by premier league to be used by users in different ways.
  • It has been improved e.gconcept squad and also signing loans for players


  • The PCversion is criticised for bugs.




For what are you going to use the program?
  • home entertainment on my mobile phone since i am a great fan of football,this is a good site to download my favourite game.also EAsports is a well established game maker too.

What do you like most about this program?
  • It is the best game and i loveall sorts of footalll and hope i can be a good footballerof the world and play for real madrid one day in my life

  • good i guess. its the first time that i have actually downloaded anything here, so i am looking forward to how this one is going to turn out


In the latest installments of FIFA soccer games, EA Sports has included a popular game mode that it has now ported directly to mobile devices due to its popularity. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a football management title that will allow you to create your own team with your favorite players. This app edition is available to free download for mobile Android, iOS and Windows Phone online software platforms, as well as a different version for PC.

The management of your self-created team is something you need to carry out with different player cards that you will obtain through different actions. FUT (for FIFA Ultimate Team) will show you in a deep way all the secrets of football, setting your own strategies depending on the players you already have. Since the planning of your squad is the center team of the game, FUT gives it the importance it deserves.

Since the planning of your squad is the center team of the game, FUT gives it the importance it deserves

The technical aspect of this mobile game isn't quite as good as the superior edition of the current generation of consoles, but it still has some great details. The graphics have been especially optimized for tablet devices, using most of their processing and graphical power. However, in smartphones the game runs well enough, taking into account the certain limitations of the hardware features this title can use for saving the device’s battery.

Set your formation and strategies
Set your formation and strategies


Although FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is based on a different basis to the main installment versions, this mobile app game also allows the classic FIFA control on your mobile device. This way, FUT 15 turns into a complete football simulator providing real control over your team while they are on the field. Virtual controls will appear in the screen, as well as the different actions such as sprint, pass or shoot whenever you have the opportunity. This part of the title is correct but can’t really compete against the PC and console versions. On the other hand, you can also leave all the playing work to the AI thanks to the quick simulation mode.

The real intention of this mobile sports game is that the player obtains a deep knowledge about managing a football team in every sense. Fitness, strategies and training, all together will define the character and playing style of your team, as well as the combinations of your players. Play with world stars such as Lionel Messi, Eden Hazard and Cristiano Ronaldo and discover a whole new world of football in your hands. For building your Ultimate Team you can trade, earn or collect the different player cards using the market.

This game can boast of having the real-world licenses of teams and players, as well as the national competitions. This way, the authenticity of the superstars is guaranteed, with teams from La Liga, Bundesliga and Barclay’s Premier League among other official competitions in a simple download. Following the real match-ups of the different competitions, you can follow the progression of your players for improving the formations.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team 1.1.2 Features

Discover the complete features of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team:

  • Build your personal team from scratch by choosing the main superstars and the manager
  • Modify the strategies and buy new players in the in-app store or trade your team member cards in the free market
  • Take the control of your team directly using your smartphone like the console edition
  • Use dribbling skills of your professional footballers and perform simulations of your strategies for foreseeing your actions before playing the match
  • Great number of players available, as well as leagues, stadiums and different authentic content
  • Enjoy the multiplayer mode and use an external controller for better gameplay

You can check all the information about this game in the following official developer’s website .

System Requirements

Check the requirements before the download of the game in this section:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3.3, iOS 5.1.1 and Windows Phone 8 or later
  • Size: 1.35GB free space on the device