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Civilization: Beyond Earth Full Version




Rule A New Planet And Come Up With Wise Decisions

By Kyle Daniels

On Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Aside from action games, simulation games are one of the best games I always play. This is a genre where strategic skills are demanded to be used and I am, most of the time, challenged with this kind of adventures.

Civilization: Beyond Earth that comes with its full version is already available for PC. In this version, I have observed that there are lots of improved features. This simulation game includes lots of decision- making. First I got to decide what planet to invade. This will measure my capabilities on how to rule and how to improve my place. Choosing my sponsor in the game is also one of the most serious decisions I got to do. Some of the sponsors include Kavithan Protectorate and ARC among others that offers great features like food and technology for instance. Engineers and Aristocrats are also some of the kinds of colonies users can choose from. As a player, I got to explore first the planet I want to rule. The missions are so exciting because the civilization’s development really depends with the decisions the players would do.

I just advice everyone who will be playing this to be more careful in coming up with decisions. Don’t rush. Enjoy and Explore.


  • The game includes good storyline
  • There are many planets to choose from


  • The graphics need to be enhanced



Taking off to new planets with Civilization : Beyond Earth

By John Zed

On Wednesday, May 20, 2015

In Civilization Beyond Earth a group of privileged people leave the earth in a expediction to colonize new worlds to live in.

When you setup your first game you will need to choose a leader, the type of colonists, the spacecraft you will use, the cargo you will bring and finally the planet you want to colonize.

You have 8 leaders to choose from: ARC, Pan-Asian Cooperative, Franco-Iberia, Slavic Federation, Polystralia, Kavithan Protectorate, Brasilia and the African Union. Each of them have their own bonuses like +10% Strength in melee combat or +10% Food in growing cities when healthy. Colonists will be your population on the new planet, they will give you a bonus to your city depending of the type you choose. Your spacecraft can reveal coasts on the map, give you a wider area to land your first city, allow you to see some resources without a specific technology, begin with more energy or reveal alien nests on the map. The cargo can give you a starting unit a technology or a building. The planet you choose will determine the type of world you will play in.

All of this gives a lot of variety and replayability.


  • A lot of customization options giving it replayability
  • Good graphics and sound quality


  • It can be very addictive



If you are a fan of 4X, you have an appointment to colonize a new world.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Monday, June 8, 2015

Franco-Iberia, Kavithano Protectorate, CRA, African Union, Polistralia, Brasilia, Pan-Asian or Slavic Cooperative Federation, are the names of the existing factions in the game, although their role is slightly different from other games in the series. We have to choose one of them, certainly, but this choice relates to more patrons who financed the expedition to the nation that will represent ... While this patron that identifies us over other factions. Nor is it a purely aesthetic choice, since each provides its own benefit that will be combined with the 3 other choices that we make before starting a game. The next aspect is the type of settlers who embarked on our expedition: Scientists, refugees, aristocrats, engineers and artists. Again, each with different advantages.

We must also choose the only technology that bore our spacecraft, which will provide us with new initial advantages. Finally, the type of load we were carrying, allowing us to start with additional units, or population. The number of combinations is quite high, which makes up more than 8 initial limitation sides regarding the many civilizations that usually appear in the series

The last step is to choose a planet that will take place this new beginning. There are 3 basic types -Proteano, Terrano or Atlantean although we can choose one of the planets most extreme conditions.


  • The game offers a lot of freedom
  • mechanical work very well together


  • Exact both solo and multi-player games




For what are you going to use the program?
  • personal entertainment and pleasure have not played this line of games before and am excited to try the space idea seems really cool and cant wait

  • Try out the program and see if I like it. If so I will purchase a copy of it officially. It seems good But I have been disappointed by some other games

  • to have fun and see my iq of owning a civilization also and see how this game works and too not get steam or a special website soo thats why

  • Personal usage so that when all else fails I may enjoy a very strategic and interesting game that can never fail to get me interested and entertained

  • I intend to use this program for entertainment purposes only. I have always admired these games and am looking forward to this experience!!!

What do you like most about this program?
  • this is a very good game. not only do i love the genre it offers far more entertaining highlights compared to other games in the same genre.

  • this is a very fun gae that i played on the steam free weekend and playing civ 5 has been one of the best expirences iv ever had and would like this

  • the strategy component of it. building up your empire and conquering the others by means of cultural, technological or with military force. All is possible


  • its free and it gives me the opportunity to play games i couldnt otherwise as well as completely ignoring my homework that i have to do. Yay


Civilization: Beyond Earth is a simulation videogame developed by Firaxis Games, published by 2k Games and distributed by Take-Two Interactive. It can also be categorized as a 4X, turn-based game since your main objective will be explored, expand, exploit and exterminate, and you will have to do it by turns. It belongs to the Civilization saga, but unlike the rest of the games of the series, this title takes place in a not too distant future instead of in the past eras of our times.

Nevertheless, the gameplay is quite similar to the previous game, but it features some important novelties that make this installment really outstanding. Once you download and start playing this title, you will see a series of cinematics that will show you why the people of the earth have had to leave their planet. There has been a massive migration to other places in the universe. On Earth, people are selected by their abilities, and the most valuable people are launched in capsules to other planets. It does not matter if you leave your family behind, you have a duty to humanity and they do not. It is the mission of your lifetime.

In regards to the graphics, the visuals are not very different from the previous installments of the saga, but they have added the futuristic touch to make it fulfill the expectations of the sci-fi. The sounds are brilliant. The soundtrack has a great variety of songs, and they can be very peaceful when you are exploring and very epic if you are fighting.


When you start playing, you will have to make several decisions that will have a lasting influence on the gameplay. The first decision you must make is in the planet you want to colonize. In this case, the planet is the same as the difficulty level. You can also choose the pace of the gameplay and the size of the map. Then, you will have to make one of the major decisions; your sponsor. Depending on the sponsor you choose (ARC, Franco-Iberia, Kavithan Protectorate, etc.) you will get different features. There are eight sponsors to choose and each one has its own advantages such as Free Technology, +10% Shield, or +10% Food.

On Earth, people are selected by their abilities, and the most valuable people are launched in capsules to other planets

Once you have decided on your sponsor, the next step is choosing the kind of colony of your crew will be. You can select between Scientists, Refugees, Aristocrats, Engineers, and Artist. As the sponsors, each category has its own advantages, so think carefully about your strategy. You can also decide the type of spacecraft, the cargo, the planet, etc.

As you can see, the game is quite predefined from the beginning, but do not worry. You will have the ability to play at will just a bit later. At first, you will have to explore your new planet and discover where the resources are. Take into account that the flora and fauna of your new planet can be a bit aggressive with you because they do not know you. However, it is your choice to be respectful of the planet, to be kind to it, but not too much, or to try to change it into a new Earth.

Civilization: Beyond Earth Full Version Features

The unique features of this brilliant videogame are listed in this section:

  • Ability to play with up to 7 more players
  • Huge planet to explore: explore everything to get resources and discover the inhabitants
  • Ability to improve your civilization thanks to the Technology Web
  • You are free to create a large amount of different buildings and complexes
  • Your decisions will take an important role in the development of your civilization

If you like Civilization: Beyond Earth and you want to know more information about this simulator before you download it to your PC, feel free to visit the .

System Requirements

In order to correctly download and play Civilization: Beyond Earth on your PC, it needs to have the following system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or later versions
  • Processor: AMD Athlon X2 64 @ 2.0 GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo @ 1.8 GHz or better
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB RAM at least
  • Graphics Card: NVidia 88000 GT, ATI HD 3650, Intel HD 3000 or superior
  • Sound Card: compatible with DirectX 9.0c
  • Hard Drive Space: 8 GB available on your PC