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Takos Japanese: Learn Japanese 0.857: An interactive and fun way to learn Japanese

By Arez Kahn

On Thursday, October 15, 2015

Language applications have definitely helped beginners to familiarize themselves with a new language while, helping intermediate speakers to gain fluency. Learning a new language is always challenging but users feel particularly intimidated when faced with the prospect of learning a language that does not use the Roman alphabet. Introducing the users with the intriguing world of Japanese, the most striking feature of Tako Japanese is its comprehensible teaching methodology.

Rather than using a standard procedure with teaching lectures and follow-up exercises, users are introduced to their personal Japanese instructor, Tako, the octopus. The developers must be commended for putting thought into developing an application that deviates from standard practices in language teaching, the app integrates themes and cultural elements to familiarize the user with the language. Also, to break the monotony of study lessons, users can play interactive games within the app; these short games are interesting yet relevant to the teaching material and help refresh concepts learned previously. Tako Japanese is a fresh take on language applications and its friendly and fun interactive teaching style will surely attract beginners to the language and culture of Japan.


  • Easy, interactive, intuitive and fun to learn
  • Mini games to help reinforce concepts and refresh learner


  • Intermediate learners may find the app basic
  • App timer is somewhat inaccurate
Ease to access guides and manuals:




Learning a language requires structured planning and a lot of time for getting the indispensable knowledge and proficiency of the language. Takos Japanese: Learn Japanese is a user-friendly language learning method designed for people of all levels. This application has been developed for Android and iOS platforms to download.

Giant Soul has developed this interactive method with a young octopus as a main protagonist. Tako, the Japanese word for octopus, will help and guide you alongside with his sensei in the learning of this language through easy and intuitive lessons. For a successful learning process, you will need some time, but the app offers a simple schedule suitable even for those that only can use it 5 minutes per day.

Tako, the Japanese word for octopus, will help and guide you alongside with his sensei in the learning of this language through easy and intuitive lessons

The interface of Takos Japanese: Learn Japanese uses typical Japanese elements like sushi, cultural animals and sports for introducing the different themes. In general terms, the design of the title respects the concept of being used on average devices in order to make it accessible to everyone. To reach a complete understanding of the language, the application includes native pronunciations for the vocabulary of Takos Japanese.

Sensei will show you the way
Sensei will show you the way

Learning in an easy way is possible

For those that are not into Japanese, it is important to state that the language has different ways of writing; katakana, hiragana and kanji characters. Each one of these is different and is used in a different context that will be explained during your lessons. The lessons will get progressivly difficult, adapting to your previous knowledge. There is no reason to be alarmed, in case you had no idea about Japanese before you will quickly get used to this new language, starting with the calligraphy.

Kanjis are characters that express complete meanings, having a concrete character for words such as ‘woman’ or ‘tree’. These complex Kanji have two different readings, kun’yomi and on’yomi; both ways are included for a complete knowledge corresponding to the official Noken 5 level, the Japanese Language Proficiency (JLPT). Save your time in classes and teachers and be ready for this challenging adventure.

However, there is not only studying in this app, but room for gaming, and that is the reason for including minigames to play. This way you can show what you have learned during the lessons and translate it into the sushi service game, or even in a fun baseball game mode. When the game time is over, the free study mode will refresh your previous lessons in no time.

Serve the right characters to your clients
Serve the right characters to your clients

Takos Japanese: Learn Japanese 0.857 Features

Check the main features of Takos Japanese: Learn Japanese for mobile devices:

  • Learn katakana, hiragana and kanji in a fun way never seen before
  • Study the basic elements of the Japanese language and learn about culture in further updates to download
  • Get through the 88 different guided lessons to achieve the highest language level
  • Difficulty is adapted to the knowledge of the player, learning from zero to proficiency official level
  • Free practice of the learned elements in the Study mode, expecting new modes, kanjis and content to download
  • Listen to the different words from native speakers in the software

For discovering more details about this language learning method, visit the .

One of the multiple minigames
One of the multiple minigames

System Requirements

Find the minimum resources for this app in your mobile device:

  • Operating System: Android 4.0, iOS 6.1 or newer
  • Size: 67.5MB free space on the device