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Panda Global Protection 2015 15.0.1

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The security of your computer depends on many different things, such as the websites you visit, the files you download or the antivirus software you use. In this context, Panda Global Protection 2015 offers all the advanced features for protecting your computer from all kinds of risks. This antivirus suite is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Android mobile devices.

This edition of Panda protection stands out over the basic versions due to the extended protection for different devices and computers. The performance of this security suite is better than the current average security software, offering a fast analysis of your system and a successful malware removal function. This Panda software does not only block all-round malware, but also malicious URLs that may negatively affect your system. This way you can avoid getting affected by phishing or identity thefts by cyber-criminals due to its effectiveness.

Thanks to the built-in cloud-based Internet processing system, the software saves the use of resources

The general process is carried out smoothly, using the hardware acceleration of your computer in order to make the analysis without affecting your system’s performance while it works. This is possible thanks to the built-in cloud-based Internet processing system, saving the use of resources. The User Interface offers a simple view in order to be user-friendly for non-advanced users, making it similar to the latest Metro UI of Windows 8.

Clean and user-friendly interface
Clean and user-friendly interface

The global protection

Unlike the basic version or even unlike other antivirus suites, this Panda Global Protection 2015 offers complete protection for any device you own. This is possible thanks to the development of the Panda software for different Operating Systems such as Mac OS X and Android. For mobile devices, Panda includes task killer feature along with a privacy auditor and malware scanning. For the Mac version, Panda uses the advanced malware protection on demand and the unsafe URL blocking feature.

This version Panda Global Protection 2015 performs an advanced encryption for your files and your passwords. Additionally, this software can analyze your passwords and offer its services in order to improve the security of your personal data. Thanks to this password management tool and to the file encryption function, the security of your system gets enhanced while it maximizes your privacy.

This Panda Protection suite includes an additional PC Tuneup for increasing the optimization of your computer’s operating system. The main functionality of this tool is to delete junk files and unnecessary elements such as cookies or temporary files, and defragmenting the hard disk. Keeping your computer clean makes it possible to use your hardware at its best, extending the useful life of your system and freeing up space on your computer.

Customize the analysis of your computer
Customize the analysis of your computer

Panda Global Protection 2015 15.0.1 Features

Discover the main features of this Panda security software:

  • Professional protection against malware, spyware and any kind of malicious element that may be downloaded on your computer
  • Protect your files with advanced encryption of your different passwords
  • Optimize the performance of your computer with the PC Tuneup utility
  • Save resources using a cloud-based system using your Internet connection instead of your system’s resources
  • Extend the protection of your computer to your Android devices or Mac OS X computers
  • Active security against cyber-criminals and hackers that may exploit the weak points of your network while it identifies, alerts and highlights unwanted connections
  • Free control of the websites’ content for avoiding inappropriate elements for kids using the system scan

Check all the features that this software can offer visiting the official website .

System Requirements

Here you can check the minimum resources for download and installing this security software:

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP2 32bits or newer, Android 2.3, Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • CPU: Pentium 300MHz or better for Windows, Intel Core 2 Duo for Mac
  • Memory: 256MB
  • Size: 240Mb free space
  • Internet connection required for cloud features