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Strategy for mobile devices has turned into one of the most recurrent genres for game developers, according to the latest entries. Second Earth is no exception to the rule, trying to occupy the slace that Clash of Clans has occupied since it was released. Second Earth is now available for free download on Android and iOS app stores where you can find additional information.

Humanity has reached a new planet on which different life is possible. Getting used to endless battles a new enemy has appeared. Humans have no information with regards to their existence, so it is time to draw the guns and present a fierce fight while you explore the mysterious universe that lies in before you.

The galactic designs seem like a combination of Warhammer 40k marines and popular sci-fi movies.

The general technical aspect is similar to Clash of Clans reskinned after Starcraft designs. In this sense, the galactic designs seem like a combination of Warhammer 40k marines and popular sci-fi movies. The graphic visual aspect is not outstanding, bearing in mind that the main purpose is to move the highest number of units at the same time without delays.

Your great empire!
Your great empire!


For those players that have downloaded and tried any strategy game for mobile devices before, Second Earth does not have so many differences about the general gameplay. According to Ntreev Soft, the developer team, what really makes this game different from its competitors is the battle system since you can produce combat units in almost no time. This way, Second Earth is more oriented to the action without leaving behind the build-and-defend strategy.

In Second Earth, the player will have to explore deep space in order to conquer more planets and gain resources and additional mysterious Ores. If you obtain different Ores, there is a function for combining the material into Cubes that will enhance your defense and boost the power of your planet. Unleash all the power by mounting these cubes in the Monolith, an alien device with astonishing technology.

Completely developing your base will grant you access to powerful units such as the Assassin, the flame unit or the heavy, an unstoppable machine that will eliminate everything in its path. Building a balanced army is necessary since you will have to include units for destroying the defense of the target, but these units may not be so effective against soldiers.

Manage your own planet
Manage your own planet

Second Earth 2.1.1 Features

Discover the ultimate features of Second Earth for your mobile device:

  • Amazing single-player campaign with online multiplayer mode for competing against all
  • Develop your conquered planet using the Monolith, an artifact with a great improvement for your base
  • Enjoy the different classes of units such as the stealth assassin or the flame soldier
  • Gather new resources and combine them for more powerful content
  • Use all your might against the unknown enemy and prevent yourself from being destroyed
  • Invade other enemies’ planets and build your star empire throughout the galaxy
  • Synchronize the app with the Facebook logging account

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System Requirements

Find in the information about the resource required for Second Earth:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3.3, iOS 5.1 or later version
  • Size: 44MB free space available on the device