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Avast Premier Antivirus 2015 10.4.2233 R4

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The complete protection for your system finally has a proper form. The security company Avast! has developed a complete suite with military-grade protection for your business or your personal computer. We are talking about Avast! Premier Antivirus 2015 and its whole suite of applications to help you avoid being affected by malware or external attacks. This suite is available to download for Windows systems.

The excellency of this suite lies in the automatic updates the application continuously installs and downloads. This keeps your system completely up to date, preventing any former exploits that your computer may have been open to. With free automatic tool updates, you will prevent the attack of hackers that use the weakest parts of old programs that you have installed such as applications with online access like Internet browsers.

This keeps your system completely up to date, preventing former exploits that your computer may have been open to

Having this software installed minimizes all potential risks that you can have in your computer, not only for your applications but also for preventing your private data from being stolen. For this function, Avast! Premier Antivirus 2015 does not only shield the security of your computer with an intelligent firewall, but also adds a data shredder for completely eliminating all sensitive personal data that you may store on your HDD.

You are completely safe now
You are completely safe now

All you need in a single suite

This suite includes all the features that you can find in the Avast! Internet Security 2015. This means that you will find the excellent firewall from that edition to avoid hacker attacks affecting your software or hardware. Additionally, keep your home network safe scanning and detecting weak spots and fixing them in no time.

Operate in a safe way thanks to the SafeZone that can isolate all your financial transactions successfully, safely avoiding other users deciphering your operations and actions. Buy what you want online, and prevent your data information from being stolen. Keeping viruses away from affecting your system is always a better option, so for fulfilling this mission Avast! constantly updates the application and recognizes new malware with the latest cloud technology.

This Avast! suite is especially recommendable for those users that want to protect all their personal information, even those files that have been actively deleted. In general terms, even after deleting a file, you can recover it with some recovery programs. Avast! Premier Antivirus successfully shreds the content of your system, making it impossible to ever fully recover those files.

Check all the functions of the suite
Check all the functions of the suite

Avast Premier Antivirus 2015 10.4.2233 R4 Features

Check in the following section the ultimate features of this Avast! Premier Antivirus 2015 Suite:

  • Protect your system against the latest viruses detecting all kind of malware that may negatively affect the proper performance of your computer
  • Clean your Internet browser properly and avoid any web-content menaces
  • An almost automatic bugfixing process with real-time updates to download for better protection
  • Sandbox virtualization for emulating software environments in order to avoid potential damage to your computer
  • Great protection against a hijack when operating with your bank account, avoiding unnecessary risks
  • Keep your email account clean with a powerful anti-spam tool
  • Protect your system against unsecured DNS/DNS networks on a router/client protocol
  • Powerful and silent free firewall available with intelligent security

In case you want to know even more about this suite you can always visit the official website .

System Requirements

Here you can find the minimum resources for installing this antivirus suite:

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP2 or later, compatible up to Windows 8.1 32 or 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 3 onwards
  • Memory: 128GB RAM
  • Size: 1GB free space