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CLASH OF LORDS 2. Get all the heroes RTS and collectibles for everyone!

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, February 26, 2016

Clash of Lords 2 is based mainly on collecting heroes, each have different special skills. This feature of the game is caught directly from MOBAs, but it works terribly well with the mechanism Clash of Lords in February, as it helps ensure that the user has more options and strategic capacity in organizing and directing the units.

Clash of Lords 2 is a pay-to-win, which means that this project is not intended to be finished, with a game whose relationship with the user is dependent on funding from it. All elements of pay-to-win are in Clash of Lords 2: notifications out of the game, bonuses that are acquired by taking a look at game day, buying jewelry with real money, use of jewelry for constructions buildings go faster.

On the other hand, besides winning jewelry, you might get gold, souls, and rings, normally also used to purchase items or power-ups. This makes disappear the typical trap of free-to-play games, where the player never gets the appropriate rewards, making the game more difficult and forcing ultimately the user to spend real money to enjoy the game.

Overall, Clash of Lords 2 is a fairly complete game for mobile, with the following functions:

Command in real time the heroes during battles.

Choose between a lot of heroes, each with unique special abilities.

Combine heroes and troops to form unbeatable teams in Mercenaries mode.

Choose from six battle modes: League Lords, Assault Resource Campaigns Sand Clash Campaign and Battle Royal.

Sign daily Clash of Lords to get free two heroes and earn jewels.


  • La mecánica es bastante fácil y cualquier jugador podría pillarle el ritmo al juego
  • The style of the game is quite nice and it works, because of the dynamic and colorful finish.


  • This title is a pat-to-win fledged
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Clash of lords user review for phpnuke by James Meyette

By James Meyette

On Thursday, November 27, 2014

Clash of lords is a decently fun game that is a lot like many of the other strategy type games that are available on the mobile markets. Though It is familiar to the other titles that are also covered by the strategy genre this one has a few twists to it that make it more immersive than some of the others that are available.

Overall this is a great twist off of some others due to the fact that they actually give you a decent amount of gems to start with upon playing the game for the first time, and they allow you to build on this without forcing you to spend your money you need for bills just to play the game. I feel that this is a great strategy because it allows players who can’t or won’t buy the in game currency to play and I also allows the developers to have a wider chance of making some money from the players due to the fact that it is not forced but unless you have some decent patience you are never really at just enough to comfortably have enough to do whatever you want or need.


  • Fun game that will keep you engaged for hours
  • The game is not like alot of others that force you into buying things in the app in order to continue playing


  • There could be more opportunity to actually earn more gems rather than just having them given to you. and without having to buy them
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Freemium mobile games are finally here to stay for a while according to the massive releases of apps using this kind of playing politics. Clash of Lords 2 uses the very same gems-purchasing style for strategy titles. This game is available online to download for free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Although in some aspects the game really innovates, like in the management of the heroes, Clash of Lords 2 is a building title. You will have to manage basic aspects of the village you own in order to create a powerful empire from scratch. Just like in other strategy games for mobile devices you will have to manage the time it takes a building to complete its construction and the resources it needs.

The level of detail of the characters, as well as their animations, are way better than the original title

In general terms the visual aspect is better than the closest competitor, Clash of Clans. In the game the level of detail of the characters, as well as their animations, are way better than the original title. The villages look beautiful in HD displays, and the heroes are the real protagonists of the battle, showing their special attacks.

Attack other villages with your army
Attack other villages with your army


As in most strategy games, the most important thing to do is create your village using the resources you get from different sources like the quests. Developing all the aspects of the village will take you some time, including the defenses and the latest level of the all-new buildings. Once you start with the basic buildings, it is time to form your own army led by your powerful heroes.

When it comes to battles, Clash of Lords 2 shows us what it really is. You will have to form your own mercenary troops alongside the heroes you gather in order to attack other online player’s villages or fulfilling missions. In both cases, you will end by obtaining resources and even achievements. The heroes are the most interesting part since they can cast magic spells and skills, as well as be customized. In this sense, this title even looks like a little like a MOBA title, giving particular importance to the heroes.

If you want to increase your resources, you can use the ever-available source for free-to-play games, the in-app currencies. Thanks to the gems you can increase the number of troops and the speed at which your buildings are completed. Another way of gaining these kinds of resources is spending your gems in a new mode that will require you to beat the AI in a rock paper scissor game.

Clash of Lords 2 1.0.161 Features

Discover the latest features for this Clash of Lords 2 title for mobile devices to download:

  • Exhilarating easy-to-play strategy game for mobile devices that will make you play non-stop
  • Great HD graphics in a real-time strategy gameplay with compatibility for smartphones and tablets
  • User-friendly interface that will guide you through the different possibilities
  • Play alongside your friends in the online mode and join them in guilds for launching quests
  • Get into the hero arena league in which you will test the ability of your champion fighting against minotaurs and other creatures
  • Get additional elements in the different single-player campaigns
  • Personally control your heroes chosen from a cavalcade in order to trigger their skills, manage their attributes and be ready to fulfill quests and bring mayhem to your rivals
  • Build faster with the gems and jewels you can get from different sources

If you want to learn more about the developer and its projects, click on the following link.

System Requirements

Here you can check the resources your device needs to download and run this app:

  • Operating System: Windows Phone 8, Android 2.3 or iOS 5.1.1
  • Size: 55MB free space on the device