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Action of Mayday: Zombie World 1.1.0

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Action is calling your smartphone, are going to pick it up? Action of Mayday: Zombie World is a 3D FPS title in which you will have to get rid of those annoying zombies that try to take over the world. This mobile title is available to download for free on the Android platform for the moment, and an incoming iOS version is expected.

According to the events shown during the game, the whole world has been taken over by the mysterious zombie threat. This threat includes several zombie species such as giant bears, fast rabbits and regular humans looking for some living being to bite. In this context we find the last survivors, trying to bring back death upon them once again.

The general visual aspect of the game resembles other shooting games from Toccata Technologies, the developer team of this title. This 3D design includes box-head characters with colorful details, as well as the different world-famous environments added such as the Louvre museum in Paris, the Neuschwanstein in Germany or the Tower Bridge in London. The simplistic modeling of the enemies comes for a reason, and that is that average mobile devices will have to move a high number of characters at the same time. This design will avoid lag during the game.

Kill them all before it
Kill them all before it's too late!


Unlike most of FPS (First Person Shooting game) in which you have to move your character, in this title you play in a static point of view, just being able to turn the camera without moving around. Taking this into account, you will have to practice your aiming skills for getting rid of the hordes of zombies that want to eat you.

You will have to shoot from different kinds of vehicles such as a helicopter or a hummer truck. You will be strategically put in one of the 60 different missions to stop the walking dead. The gun you choose will have different types of aiming modes, with or without scope in order to aim closer or farther. Equip your trained soldier with machine guns, sniper rifles, guns or even rocket launchers that are upgradable with the points you earn from your missions.

The quantity of the zombie models includes the appearance of frenetic rabbits, giant Frankenstein-like zombies and hordes of creatures for starting a zombie slaughter. After spending a while playing Action of Mayday: Zombie World it may become repetitive, but the developer team releases new content to download for free from time to time, including new missions, characters and weapons.

Equip and customize your weaponry
Equip and customize your weaponry

Action of Mayday: Zombie World 1.1.0 Features

Check the main features to find in this action title:

  • Defeat the waves of zombies that try to eat all the living beings in the world
  • Play in world-famous environments such as the docks of Rotterdam, the German Neuschwanstein or the castle of Jerusalem
  • Enjoy the colorful 3D graphics on all kinds of mobile devices
  • The difficulty of the game is adapted to your level of skill in order to keep it challenging
  • Large number of upgradable weapons available such as AK-47, SVD and rocket launchers
  • 60 different missions and more to come in additional updates to download

System Requirements

Find in this section the minimum resources to run Action of Mayday: Zombie World:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3.3 or later versions
  • Size: 59MB free space plus additional space for further content